About Us

The Platform was designed and built with two things in mind.

1,    It had to be a weights room floor so well equipped that everyone from a complete beginner to a competitive lifter could train there without a problem.

2,   That we would provide evidence-based advice and programming for anyone who wanted it, and not push fads and sales routines on people.

And we have lived up to our promise!

The Platform is Palmerston North's most well-eqqupied weights room floor. With competition standard bars, plenty of plates, assistance equipment, the variant corner and of course chalk, a competitive lifter is well looked after at The Platform.

New to training? Here at The Platform, we offer options to best support new lifters, from our How To Train Programme,  targeted programming, personal training and of course feel free to simply do it your way.

Need help with nutrition? Here at The Platform we have a dietitian on board who can create tailored eating plans to fit your goals.

With plenty of weight, chalk and good music The Platform is not your typical gym, come and see for yourself at 192 Cuba street. 


192 Cuba Street, Palmerston North



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